Alternative Energy And Bitcoin

What an interesting world we live in.  Here it is mid-2014 and anyone, anywhere on earth, with a connection to the internet (even by mobile phone – teléfono móvil) can set up solar panels, an altcoin mining rig, and start mining digital currencies.

solar powered alt coin mining rig image

Check out the set up at

You can even buy solar panels with Bitcoin.

Is Solar Mining Profitable?

How long it takes to re-coup your initial investment in solar panels and mining hardware will depend on what digital currency ( moneda digital ) you are mining.

Most people join a mining pool and point their hardware to that – the coin(s) being mined at any given time will change – for various reasons – but mostly because the given profitability for mining these alt coins / cryptocurrencies changes from day to day.

See for more info.

Easier Ways To Make Money With Digital Currencies?

There are other ways to make money with cryptocurrency… has a nice article about it.  It goes without saying that diversification is key.  Over time this ever changing world of alternative currencies is sure to change the world of trade dramatically.

We also have an article about a different (but very popular) alt coin called Dogecoin.

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Author Manuel "Manny" Ortiz is a long time health advocate and likes to share his knowledge about interesting health supplement products and alternative energy products.

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Manuel "Manny" Ortiz es un defensor de la salud mucho tiempo y le gusta compartir sus conocimientos sobre productos interesantes de suplemento de salud y productos de energía alternativa.

Manny también disfruta de música y deportes y ocasionalmente provee también el comentario en esas áreas.