Does Nitroxin Work As Good As They Claim?

We’ve been getting Nitroxin male enhancement promotions in the mail for over a year, but they have recently changed (somewhat) the marketing material.

Is Nitroxin Any Good?

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Nitroxin has been marketing their product with Bree Olson for over a year now.

There is quite a bit of commentary out there about this male enhancement product that is touted by Bree Olson – a Hollywood “actress”.  If you read Nitroxin’s marketing material you’d think it was the next best thing since, well… Viagra.

Any Honest Reviews About Nitroxin?

It’s hard to tell sometimes whether or not you are being told the truth when you read things on the internet, but the best way (in our opinion) is to read the reviews – you can usually tell the ones that are all promotion from the ones that are written from personal experience like this review done by a guy named Victor Mayfield. 

Negative Comments About Nitroxin

There are an awful lot of comments from Nitroxin user’s personal experience at the end of his article too.

So It Works?

From our perspective (and the real user reviews that we could find – not faked ones) it appears that Nitroxin DOES NOT work as advertised.  Obviously Bree is helping to sell a lot of it though even if it doesn’t work as good as they claim.

Is There Anything Better?

There are a lot of “natural” male enhancement products available obviously and it seems that many guys have to try quite a few before they find something that actually works for them and doesn’t cause any nasty side effects.  Check out this excellent product called Zenerx – a truly natural libido enhancer for men.

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You can also find an excellent article about the libido over on Wikipedia.

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