Shopping with Dogecoin

One of the first questions most people ask when they first get started using Dogecoion and other cryptocurrencies is “what can I do with it?”  What can I buy?

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Hay muchos lugares para pasar su Dogecoin

What and Where To Buy With Dogecoin

This article will look at the Dogecoin marketplace (mercado); what you can buy and where.

As the cryptocurrency marketplace expands, so do the options for spending digital currency. With Dogecoin, for example, your options are limited only by your ability to search for websites supporting them.

Listas de sitios web que aceptan Criptodivisa como pago de bienes y servicios.

At you can find several lists of websites that accept cryptocurrency as payment for goods and services as varied as food, artwork, household goods, web hosting and gaming.

Stuffcoins (, for example, works much like a combination of eBay and an old school swap meet. You can place items for sale, for which you will accept Dogecoin, and buy items placed on the site by others who will also accept Dogecoin as payment. Other more mainstream websites also accept Dogecoin, such as

Plenty Of Places To Spend Dogecoin

There are no shortage of websites providing directories of companies that accept cryptocurrency as payment.

Visiting any of these sites, such as and (, will lead you to options such as,where you can buy digital downloaded games from a leading online game source, Steam.

 Regular (not online) Stores?

Brick and mortar stores are also beginning to accept Dogecoin, including restaurants and bakeries. Once such bakery, Sarah’s Bake Shop (, sells cookies, cakes and other baked goodies, delivered directly to you. Currently, you have to email the store to place a Dogecoin order, but the choices are the same as if you used regular cash.

Another option is (, which allows you to purchase digital gift cards for over 200 different retailers using their mobile app for iOS or Android.

What About Gaming?

One of the most popular ways to spend Dogecoin is online gaming.

Online casinos ( casinos en línea ) are a growing market, with games as varied as dice games, scratch-offs and poker.

One of the most popular of these sites is Bitcoin Penguin, and another popular directory site that shows people many of the most popular Dogecoin gaming sites is:

A word of warning here; however, while many online casinos are legitimate, some are illegal in the US, so like most areas of cryptocurrency, diligence and research are key when entering one of these sites.

As the marketplace grows, more stores will open to accepting Dogecoin and other digital currency as payment. Expect more brick and mortar stores to adopt this alternative currency as it becomes more common. Until then, enjoy shopping at the many options currently available.

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